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Bill Beazley Homes, the #1 SMART Home Builder in the CSRA
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Imagine monitoring your home, inside and out, from anywhere in the world. Imagine getting an alert to your phone when there is a potential leak or threat of carbon monoxide. Imagine turning off your curling iron from your office at work… Sound like something out of a science fiction flick?

#1 Smart Home Sci Fi

We live every day in the science fiction of our youth, and nothing makes that more apparent than the new high-tech home solutions available to us.  Amenities like the ones I described are very much non-fiction, and even attainable to the modern homeowner. With Smart Home technologies, homeowners can now protect what is most valuable to them: their home, their heirlooms, and the loved ones inside.

#1 Smart Home Builder in Augusta and CSRA

As the #1 Smart Home Builder in the CSRA, Bill Beazley Homes is at the forefront of the Smart Home movement. Currently, they offer Smart Home packages in the neighborhoods of Woodlief and The Retreat at Storm Branch and are looking to expand their services. If you live in the CSRA, you too can be a Smart Home owner and choose from a range of automated devices that will add convenience and safety to your home.

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The Benefits of Choosing a Smart Home


By far one of the most technological advances of our day, a homeowner can now view  a live camera feed of his/her home and living area from anywhere on the planet. Monitor your children’s safety when they are home alone. Check in on the cleaning lady or maintenance man. Or prevent burglary by staying vigilant. With two cameras, one located on the front porch and one in the main living area, you can keep an extra eye on your home at all times. These cameras systems are compatible with smartphones and other devices connected to internet. They have excellent night vision capabilities and transmit images at 30 frames per second. The IP camera is even motion activated and will send you emails with still shots if motion is detected.

Moisture Detector

A leak can mean devastation to your home and heirlooms. It is one of the most common home insurance claims each year and can happen to anyone… until the Smart Home leak sensor. The Smart Home system will alert you via text or email if any leak/moisture is detected. Stop the leak before it causes irreparable damage and save your wallet thousands in repairs.

Smoke Alarms

A second threat to your family is fire. Fire can strike quickly, and you want to be prepared when it does. Don’t worry about faulty alarms and dead batteries any longer. With the Smart Home system, all the smoke alarms come equipped with wireless interconnectivity, which means when one goes off, they all do. The Smart Home alarm will also notify your Smartphone when it detects smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or if the batteries are low, so you can leave your home with peace of mind.  The most important feature, of course, is that it will keep your family safe and secure.


Programmable thermostats have gotten even smarter! Now, you can get notified if someone has changed the temperature on the thermostat and be able to remotely return it to your desired setting. If your work/home schedule changes, change the program remotely. Have an outrageous energy bill, or looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint? With the Smart Home thermostat you can reduce your energy use by controlling your home’s temperature at the touch of a button.


On or off? The choice is even easier when you can decide from anywhere in the house, not to mention anywhere in the world! The Smart Home non-dimming light switch has the ability to control lights and appliances remotely, turning them on or off. Program multiple lighting design scenes and select the right mood lighting for any occasion, or turn on the porch light from the comfort of your bed. It’s all possible with the Smart Home System.

Remote Control Appliance Outlet

You are on your way to work when you remember you left your curling iron on high. It’s a fire risk, and your children will be coming home from school before you get off work. What do you do? Turn around and risk being late? Call a neighbor? Or simply turn the curling iron off from your Smartphone? With the Smart Home system you have the power to remotely turn off small appliances such as hair tools, the coffee pot, or the iron, from ANYWHERE. Just another simple, convenient feature of the Smart Home system that will protect your family and keep control in the palm of your hand.   All these options are available through Bill Beazley Homes and their technologically advanced Smart Home systems. Contact Bill Beazley Homes today by calling 706-863-4888 or email us here to find out how you can be a Smart Home owner and make a science fiction lifestyle, YOUR lifestyle.

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